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The Pecan Grove Village III Homeowners Association has compiled this information for the benefit of residents. When printed, it should fit on one page, suitable for posting on your refrigerator or family bulletin board, if you choose to do so. You might also find this No Soliciting sign useful.

City of Tempe Garbage & Recyclables Pick-Up - The City of Tempe provides trash collection for our neighborhood on a weekly basis. On the collection schedule, our neighborhood is in Zone 4. Recyclables collection takes place on Tuesdays using the blue container. Garbage collection takes place on Fridays using the black container. The appropriate container is to be placed in the street along your own property line (NOT on the sidewalk) for collection by 6am but no earlier than 5pm the day before collection and must be put away (and kept out of sight) by noon on the day following collection.

City of Tempe Bulk Trash Collection - The City of Tempe offers Bulk Trash - Green & Mixed Waste Collection on a periodic basis. Our neighborhood is in Area G, which has its own collection schedule. Items are to be placed in the street along your own property line (NOT on the sidewalk) for collection by 6am on that Monday.

While we are quite certain that you will never need most of this information, it is good to have it readily available, just in case:

Emergencies   911
Poison Control 800/222-1222
City of Tempe Police Department (non-emergencies) 480/350-8311
City of Tempe Abandoned Vehicles 480/350-8311
City of Tempe Fire Department (non-emergencies) 480/858-7200
City of Tempe Public Works / Water Utilities Department 480/350-8361
City of Tempe Household Products Collection Center 480/350-2223
City of Tempe Solid Waste Management Department -- General Information 480/350-8265
City of Tempe Solid Waste Management Department -- Recycling Hotline 480/350-8145
City of Tempe Swimming Pool Drainage 480/350-8288
City of Tempe Loud Noise Complaints -- Barking Dogs 480/350-8311
City of Tempe Loud Noise Complaints -- Domestic Situations / Parties 480/350-8311
City of Tempe Graffiti Hotline 480/350-8384
City of Tempe Dead Animal Pick Up 480/350-4311
City of Tempe Street Light Outages 480/350-4311
City of Tempe Roadway Signage and Traffic Signal Maintenance 480/350-4311
City of Tempe Neighborhood Handbills (Advertising Fliers) Ordinance and Signs 480/350-8883
Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (Stray Animal Hotline) 602/506-7387
Salt River Project (Electric Utility) 602/236-8888
CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) Residential Services 877/348-9007
Cox Communications Residential Services 623/594-1000
Dish Network Residential Services 800/823-4929
DirecTV Residential Services 800/531-5000

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