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Are you considering an upgrade to the exterior of your home or your landscaping? Great! The Association's Board of Directors and Architectural Control Committee want to encourage you to improve your property and thank you for planning to doing so. It makes the neighborhood better for all of us.

The Association's Rules and Regulations (section 3) require approval of all plans prior to the start of construction or installation. It also describes the process for submitting the Architectural Changes or Additions Application Form and other plans and specifications to the Architectural Control Committee.

If you are planning to paint, please refer to the Approved Exterior Paint Colors. The last thing the Association wants to do is inform a homeowner that they painted their home a color that is not approved. That is one of the reasons why there is an approval process: so that we can catch situations like this before they become a problem.


If you are considering using stone as a secondary (accent) material, please refer to the Stone Used as a Second Material document. That should get you started on planning.

If you have any questions about Architectural Control, please Contact Us. We are happy to help and eager to enable you to accomplish your home improvement project.

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