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Do you use the common area (small parcel of land at the southeast corner of Palomino Drive and Dromedary Drive)?

We have a common area?


Rules Issue?

Did you just observe a neighborhood rules violation that really bothers you?

You can report this to the Association's management company by calling 480/987-0197. Or, you can fill out this form and fax it to them.

Note that complaints cannot be anonymous, according to Arizona State Law.

You can make an online payment through our website by clicking here.

2016 Meeting Schedule


All Pecan Grove Village III homeowners are welcome to attend all meetings.

All meetings are held at the Tempe Police Hardy Substation (Hardy & Carver) except for the brief February meeting, held at the intersection of Palomino & Stephanie.

January 11   6:30pm   Board of Directors
February 16 9:00am Board of Directors
April 11 6:00pm Board of Directors
July 11 6:00pm Board of Directors
September 12 6:00pm Annual Meeting
October 10 5:30pm Board of Directors

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